Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Dr. Lester Boyd, Pastor


Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

Our Mission

The purpose of the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church is the same as set forth in the teachings of Jesus Christ as they are found in the New Testament. To name a part of that purpose, we list some of those teachings:

To seek and to lead to Jesus Christ those who are lost.

To maintain public worship of God for the purpose of Christian, religious nurture and growth.

To promote the study and practice of Christian living as revealed and taught in the Bible.


To promote and advance the cause of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom in this City and around the world.

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Our History
The Organization And Growth Of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

Reverend John I. Mumford (who was a member of New Bethel at the time) moved by the Holy Spirit, felt the need of church in lower Boston Cottage. He called together a group of friends and former members of New Bethel and Mt. Pleasant Baptist Churches and presented his plans. They were pleased with the prospect of having a church in their immediate community and diligently set out to help Rev. Mumford in his plans for organization. Some of the pioneers were C.B. Jones, W.M. Skinner, Vi Skinner, Wade Friday and wife Minnie Mumford, Charlie Glenn, Nora Glenn, Charity Logan, Mag Davis, Emma Robinson, J.P. Robinson, Bertha Turner, Marshall Turner, Deacon West, Hester West, Charlie and Vi Branson, Florence King and Vera Booe.

At that time, vacant buildings were scarce but after a short while Rev. Mumford was able to secure a worship place, a small building that had once been a two room dwelling. Joyously, the new members went to their new worship place that the Pastor named Friendship Baptist Church (located on Cherry Street). The membership at Friendship grew rapidly  and again the group found themselves faced with the problem of an adequate place for worship. Therefore, hoping for better conditions, they set out to build a sanctuary for their growing congregation.  

Literally, the Pastor, members and hired laborers worked shoulder to shoulder and put up the frame structure. In digging the basement for the church, Rev. Mumford persuaded a number of little boys to help him.  With borrowed wheelbarrows they rolled the dirt away and drank lemonade for their pay. As the building was nearing completion, Rev. Mumford worked on making pews for the new church. He worked night and day until he made sufficient pews for the main auditorium and the basement.  Finally, situated in the new building, with a seating capacity of 300, the Pastor and members took fresh courage and labored to broaden their church program.

1915-1926   Rev. John I. Mumford became the first Pastor of Friendship
1926-1932   Rev. Elijah Graham became the second Pastor of Friendship
1933-1938   Rev. James Samuel Reid became the third Pastor of Friendship
1938-1947   Rev. Thomas Kilgore became the fourth Pastor of Friendship
1947-1953   Rev. Howard Wesley Wiley Sr. became the fifth Pastor of Friendship
1954-1961   Dr. W. Franklin Stokes II became the sixth Pastor of Friendship
1962-2005   Rev. Seal Esau Tyndall became the seventh Pastor of Friendship
1994   Under the direction of Rev. Seal Tyndall, the church moved into its new sanctuary which the congregation worships in today.
2007-2013   Rev. Stacy L. Frazier was elected as the eighth Pastor of Friendship
May 2013   Under the direction of Rev. Stacey L. Frazier, the church paid off the sanctuary's mortgage in full.
June 2014   Reverend Dr. Lester Boyd became the ninth Pastor of Friendship.

Meet Our Leaders...

Reverend Dr. Lester Boyd, Pastor

 Associate Ministers / Official Board / Ministries

Reverend Gilbert Banks, Sr.
Reverend Lawrence Carvana Sr.
Reverend Kevin Gibson
Reverend Kamal Holley
Reverend Lizzie James
Reverend Robert L. Moore, Sr.
Reverend Richard Morning


James Dixon

Alvester Barren
Robert Barren Sr
Barrie Buey
Nathaniel Davis
William Debnam
Al Duckett
James Griffin Sr
Mark Griffin
Tony Love
James McMillan
Michael Phillips
Roy Rector
Eugene Roseboro
William Rice
Tony Tanner
Purnell Tanner Sr


Purnell Tanner

Timothy Matthews
Asst. Chairman

Aaron Jarrett Sr

Elois Duncan
Julius Goodson
Mannie Hardin
Eugene Roseboro
Robin M. Watson


Robin M. Watson
Brittany Watson


James Griffin

Cathedral Choir

Mildred Griffin

Church Bulletin

Robin M. Watson

Crisis Control

Robbie Allen

Culinary Comm.

Shirley Davis

Custodial Services

Tony Tanner
Curtis Southerland


Viola Roseboro

Education & Scholarships

Lundon Sims

Future Leaders Assn. (FLA)

Tierra Wilson

Health & Wellness

Deborah Roseboro

Junior Ushers

Brenda PauPaw

Liturgical Ministry

Charlene Roseboro


Ginger Baker
Tishara McLendon

Mass Choir

Tam Wilson

Missionary Dept.

Ether Joe

Music Ministry

Rev. Kevin Gibson


Sharon Boyd

Outreach Ministry

Rev. Gilbert Banks

Praise Team & Voice of Judah

Robert Poteat

Seniors Ministry

Vera Williams & Family

Seniors Nurses

Alberta Duncan

Senior Ushers

Curtis Smith


Lisa Wilson

Spiritual Choir


Sunday School

Robin Mouzon

Vacation Bible School

Robin Mouzon

Women's Council

Mildred Griffin

Van Ministry

Tony Tanner


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