Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Dr. Lester Boyd, Pastor





F.L.A. - Future Leaders Association of Friendship is one of our newest ministries for young people ages 6 through 20.  The program was once operating under the Warriors Discovery Program in the Fellowship Hall on various Wednesdays.  Now, the Young People under the advisement of Pastor Boyd have geared up and restructured the program to be more dependent upon themselves as future leaders.  F.L.A. invite all of those interested in being a BOLD and ENERGETIC CHRISTIAN for CHRIST to meet with them every 3rd Saturday at 11:00 am in the Fellowship Hall of the church.  F.L.A. is looking forward to having FUN while serving the Lord. F.L.A. is working towards sessions on various topics ranging from peer pressure, time management, how to lead someone to Christ, how to get along with others, communication skills, career preparation, field trips, various activities, traveling and much, much more.  For more information, contact the church office 336-723-6105 to speak with either Tierra Wilson, President; Imani Todd or Lester Boyd Jr., Vice Presidents.  F.L.A. Advisors:  Lady Sharon Boyd and Robin M. Watson.






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