Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Dr. Lester Boyd, Pastor




W.O.W. - You could define it as excitement, ecstatic, energetic, engaging, stimulating, and just plain FUN. That is what Friendship Missionary Baptist Church does every Wednesday at 5:30 pm. W.O.W. for Friendship stands for Worship on Wednesdays with excitement and praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To start W.O.W., Friendship incorporated at 5:30 pm an exercise and health seminar called S.H.I.P. S.H.I.P. is an acronym for Shaping Health in Physical Fitness. You will have the opportunity to perform Zumba, Hip Hop Exercise, Walking and even get on the scales if you like. So, do you need to get in shape? Come and learn the do's and don'ts of dieting from nutritionists and nurses. Also, you'll get the opportunity to watch your physical appearance change for the better with fitness trainers working for and with you. The cost is $3.00 per session. To get involved, contact Lisa Wilson, the SHIP Coordinator at 336-723-6105.

Beginning at 6:oo pm, the Sunday School Teachers meet to expound on the Sunday School Lesson for the upcoming Sunday. All of the teachers get inspired by listening and learning from each other with different perspectives. Sunday School is open for all ages and if you want to get involved, please contact Robin Mouzon, Sunday School Superintendent at 336-723-6105. Transportation is available as well for our weekly Sunday School Sessions which begins at 9:15 am every Sunday morning.

Beginning at 7:00 pm, Pastor Boyd leads inspiring, engaging, and energetic Bible Study for all. Pastor Boyd's bible study sessions are taught straight from the Word of God in a learning and fun environment. Pastor Boyd's bible study isn't one where you just come is interacting, reviving and it is a session where you ask questions and gain scriptural answers. Pastor Boyd's Bible Study is the place to be for the serious-minded Christian who wants a thorough explanation of the Word of God.

All of these programs are open to the community. No registration is needed, just come as you are. Friendship Missionary Baptist Church is located at 1317 NW Cherry Street where the Pastor is Reverend Dr. Lester Boyd. For more information/transportation, call the church office 336-723-6105.






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